Dr. Chris Emmet Dennis

Dr. Emmett Chris Dennis
July 2, 2012 East Hartford CT.

We responded to his call for support, and found the humble man packing the second load of over 50 boxes destine for UPS and then to Liberia. The boxes had been hand packed selecting from some of the country's professional mathematics manuals and teaching materials. As the only Black Mathematics Professor in his region for decades, Universities entrusted him to head top accelerated programs designed to help minority students. This brought Dr. Dennis face to face with some of the world's best publishers like Macmillan, Pearson etc.

They gave him latest and high tech teaching materials which he added to his personal arsenal of Math materials, waiting for the right moment to return home one day.

Three days before the day, he wrote his final words:
"Yes, THREE more days before I depart for Liberia to begin my "volunteer" work at  the University of Liberia!!!  I leave on July 3. I will take a one year sabbatical leave of absence from Southern Connecticut State University to confront the task of helping to improve the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics in Liberia.  I will work with the Math  and Engineering Departments at the University of Liberia.  I will try to provide workshops and resources for both faculty and students.  I will also reach out to the Ministry of Education to offer my help. My work will be in collaboration with a five-year program sponsored by Rutgers University and the University of Michigan to develop 4 Schools of Engineering at the University of Liberia.  The University of Liberia will only be responsible for my lodging and transportation to the campus at Fendall.  Southern Connecticut State University will provide me with half of my salary for the time of my sabbatical. After staying in the US for 40 years, my conscience will not give me any rest if I don't give back and contribute some of my talent to my country.  This is an exciting phase of my life.  I need all of your support, and prays to make this journey a successful one.  My success is your success.  We are all in this together. I will keep you all posted on my daily activities as soon as I settle in. I love each and every one of you.  Keep the LCAC family alive and well."   Emmett

Dr. Dennis has taken the right step to help and contribute to the development of his country Liberia.
Before his departure, he had meaningful dialogue with several young Liberian Engineers and Programmers. His bold move is an inspiration to many Liberian scholars who want to return and teach at the University of Liberia for at least a semester.

The Association of Liberian Scholars has been born and all interested Liberian scholars who wants to follow the good example of Dr. Dennis can contact Dr. Dennis at mett01@yahoo.com.

One step at a time, Liberia is on her way to recovery and prosperity. Don't sit back and watch. join the race to Liberia or sponsor a student at the University of Liberia through the Liberian Community Association of Connecticut Scholarship Program. Click here

Dr. Emmett Chris Dennis

Education Committee
Liberian Community Association of Connecticut Inc.