Liberians in Connecticut raised $8,000 to bury Esther Dennis
Late Esther Dennis
Pastor Yalartai of Faith Revival Temple Church gave Esther her final blessings

The late Mrs Esther Dennis, playful, fun and loving, came to the United States like many of us in pursuit of a fair chance to a meaningful life, and to secure a future for her children and family members in Liberia. She chose to be humble, serving everyone who she met and devoting a great deal of her life supporting the Liberian community in the state of Connecticut where she lived.

Esther struggled with cancer for a very long time. Her resolve to win was unimaginable. She prayed every moment of her life and challenged the doctor's claim of counted days to live. But on October 17, 2012, she will lost her long battle to cancer at the Yale New Haven Hospital, in Connecticut USA.

Through it all, she will rely only on a circle of true and faithful friends. She will walk a painful and final journey under a dark cloud, completely separated from the people with whom she shared one destiny; her children, her parents, her sisters and brothers, all watching helplessly from million miles away in Liberia, West Africa.

With no immediate family members in the United states, and a condition that deprived her from work and insurance, the test will come down to those who will hear her story, and those who she met and transformed with her nature of service and her life full of humility. Ms. Jarsia Kollie, a young and brilliant Liberian lady who experienced Esther's energy, wrote: "Although no words can really help to express the grief that myself and my entire family feel for the passing of Ma Esther, I cannot begin to imagine the depth of pain her family is experiencing. I have personally known her since I was in elementary school and she used to help around our household." This is one of many testimonies that defines the actual life Esther Dennis lived. Always helping, persevering and hopeful through difficult times.

Today, the least we can do for Esther Dennis, while she lie quietly away from her family is to stand by her side and give her a honorable home going.

Please join the faithful friends to raise this money for the late Esther Dennis' funeral. The amount will cover all associated cost for the entire funeral.

May the Lord showers his blessings over us all as we embark on this journey to laid Esther Dennis to her final resting place.

Henry Seyue and Trephena Scott, on behalf of the family.

"In Union, Success is Sure"

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Rev. Caleb Yalartai
LCAC Ethics and Bereavement Committee
The 4th Meeting of the Bereavement
Committee was held via teleconference,
chaired by Hon. Joe Morris Kalaplee and
Pastor Caleb H. Yalartai.

1.  Ms. Beatrice Brooks
2.  Mr. Rufus Walters
3.  Ms. Klubo A. Swinton
4.  Hon. James Galakpain
5.  Hon. Charles McGill
6.  Mr. Henry Wilson
7.  Pastor Caleb Yalartai
8.  Ms. Traphena Scott
9.  Hon. Joe Morris
10.  Ms. Cynthia Gray
11.  Hon. Flomo Freeman
12.  Ms. Assunta Philips
13.  Ms. Debbie Galakpain
14.  Mr. Henry Sayou
The Agenda:
Financial Update
Funeral Update

The Invocation was delivered by Pastor Yalartai.

Financial Update:
*The total amount collected to date:  $   8,083.00                                                           $8,083.00
Cost of funeral:                                          - 4000.00
*Miscelleanous:                                             -  80.00
Cash on hand: ……………………………………………4003.00                                                      
Headstone                                         800.00
Food                                                 300.00
Flowers                                             135.00
                                                                                         Balance                 $   2,768.00
Funeral  Update:
WAKE KEEPING: Friday Nov. 16, 2012 – 6-945pm.
McClean Funeral Home  in New Haven, Connecticut.
BURIAL: Saturday Nov. 17, 2012 (to be announced)
REPASS follows at Mr. Sayou’s House (address to be announced)

*A comprehensive report will be given to the commu

Teleconference on November 1, 2012
1. Bill Johnson
2. Henry Wilson
3. Beatrice Brooks
4. Casey Jake Morris
5. Raheem Barnes
6. Joemorris Kalapele
7. Cynthia Gray
8. Aly Sheriff
9. Assuntha Philips
10. Arthur Gbeazon
11. Jarsia Kollie
12. Flomo Freeman
13. Manston Totimeh
14. Caleb Yalartai
1. Saturday November 3, 2012

Candlelight Vigil ($10 donations per person)
2. Saturday November 17, 2012 Wake and Funeral (Additional Fundraiser)
3. Bill Johnson will continue to solicit help from other churches
4. Bill Johnson will follow up with Senior clergy about matching funds we may raise. 

Next meeting is Thursday November 8, 2012 at 9PM.

From: "" <>
Sent: Wednesday, October 17, 2012 4:03 PM
Subject: [Lcac2010Admin] Death in the Liberian Community!!

The Liberian Community of Connecticut Loses A Dear Sister!!

We regret to announce that this afternoon at 2PM, Mrs. Esther Dennis of Ansonia, Ct. lost her long battle to cancer at the Yale New Haven Hospital. She leaves to mourn her loss her very faithful and loving nephew Henry Sayue. At this time the family will need all moral and financial support as they go through this very difficult and trying time. Please reach out to Henry Sayue at 203 928 0890.

There will be a conference call at 9PM on Thursday, October 18th to see how we can support the family. The Call-In Number is 218 844 3388 and the access code is 1960.

On Thursday, October 18, 2012, the Liberian community Association of Connecticut hosted a teleconference to discuss the fundraising effort to cover the cost of funeral services for the late Esther Dennis.
The friends representing the family were Traphena Scott, Henry Sayue, and Beatrice Brooks.
Trephena explained that until the family meets, she couldn't provide a final decision being reached for the funeral.
Beatrice Brooks informed the community that the total cost for the funeral was $US6,000.00. The time line given by the funeral service provider is November 9, 2012. We set a deadline to raise US$8,000 by October 31, 2012.
Henry Sayue who is playing a major role for the family, thanked everyone in attendance before excusing himself to continue at work.
Hon. James Galakpain asked if the late Esther had life insurance and the answer was no.
The following was suggested for the fundraising procedure:
1. Immediate Pledges suggested by Hon. James Galakpain
2. Wake for fundraising suggested by Raheem Barnes
3. Youth Fundraising suggested by Debbie Galakpain
4. Internet Fundraising suggested by Joe Morris

It was finalized that all suggestions were possible option and was left to the Chairman of the ethics committee, Caleb Yalartai to pursue and implement. The

Pledges were made during the conference in the total sum of $1,695.00
It was agreed that the following members of the community helped to collect contributions:
1. Rufus Walters 203-414-9732 - for Bridgeport and surrounding towns
2. Henry Sayue 203-928-0890 - New Haven and surrounding towns
3. Beatrice Brooks 203-507-1800 West Haven
4. Trephena Scott 203-3081515 Hamden and Ansonia
5. Debbie Galakpain 203-809-6346 Youth in Connecticut
6. Dorbor Thompson 203-435-2390 - Youth in Connecticut
7. James Galakpain: 203-747-9922 Provide support to Chairman Caleb Yalartai.

Attendance and Pledges:
1. Rev. Yalartai -          $100.00
2.Joemorris Kalapele  - $100.00
3.Henry Wilson            $50
4.Maston Totimeh        $20
5.Raheem Barnes        $75
6.Mrs Peters
7.Charles McGill           $50
8.Arthur Gbeazon        $75
9.Caleb Yalartai           $50
10.James Galakpain     $300
11.Alex Quermollue    $100
12.Trephena Scott    
13.Wonldy Paye          $100
14.Rufus Walters         $100
15.Marie Seton            $50
16.Debbie Galakpain    $50
17.Dorbor Thompson  $100
18.Henry Sayue
19.Beatrice Brooks     
20.Mrs. Betty Galakpain
21.Flomo Freeman      $50
22.Eden Bass             $50
23.Rev. Phillip Blamo  $75
24. Bishop Tyna Hudson $50
25.Mrs Mary James Walters $50 Absent but pledge
26. Mrs. Adeline Bass  $50  Absent but pledge
27. Mrs. Caleb Yalartai  $50.00 Absent but pledge