Connecticut USA, June 6, 2012 President Sirleaf Congratulates LCAC

The president of Liberia, Her Excellency Ellen Johnson Sirleaf congratulated and thanked the Liberian Community Association of Connecticut for engaging in the fight to save one the remaining historical sites for freed black slaves in America.
On his part, president Joseph Morris Kalapele of LCAC explained the technical details of the Little Liberia project and asked for the president's presence during the launching ceremony. The Liberian leader, in her usual calm and humble state, expressed her support for the project and promised to attend.
The President also thanked the Liberian Community Association of Connecticut for the scholarship initiative that provides 20 scholarships to students at the University of Liberia each year.
The world noble peace prize winner also had a long dialogue with LCAC president about challenges in recruiting qualified technical Liberians. She advised that qualified and young Liberian engineers should return to help rebuild the country.

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and
LCAC President Joseph Morris Kalapele
Liberian delegation joined ABCD in the fight to keep Little Liberia alive.
Liberian Fact Finding Mission on Little Liberia
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Little Liberia
Approved Federal Historical Site
of the United States

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Back view of the historical Little LiberiaFront View of Little LiberiaFront viewArthur Gbeazon brief fellow Liberians during 1st visit at Liberia Liberia siteMr and Mrs. Nah at 1st meeting. They connected the dot between LCAC and others in the fight to save little LIb.1st meeting LCAC, ABCD and congolese startegize to safe Little LiberiaABCD Executive Director Charles Tisdale and LCAC Little Liberia Chair Henry Wilson at 1st meeting.People of color posed for a phot after 1st meetingAttendants of the 1st meeting
Friday, August 26, 2011 Bridgeport Connecticut
A 10 men Liberian community delegation headed by LCAC president met with Mr. Charles B. Tisdale, Executive Director of Action for Bridgeport Community Development, INC (ABCD). ABCD is the current care taker and advocate for the Little Liberia Historical buildings.

Mr. Tisdale expressed satisfaction with LCAC visit and embraced the delegation with open arms.

LCAC president, Mr. Kalapele introduced the delegation and stated the purpose of the meeting. He thanked ABCD for their role in preserving Little Liberia and asked for any way that the Liberian Community would be of importance in the preservation process of Little Liberia.

Mr. Tisdale introduced another member of his staff and informed everyone that a special Board had been formed to handle all the affairs of Little Liberia.

For her part, Adrian, a senior member of the Board on Little Liberia explained that several committees had been formed. She added that a university, Connecticut Historical Society and a historical fondation were seriously involved in fund raising, development and preservation Little Liberia.

She asked the Liberian Community Association of Connecticut to appoint members to the Board responsible for the development and preservation of Little Liberia.

LCAC President thanked Mrs. Nah, and ABCD for the meeting and promised to appoint LCAC members to sit and work on the Board for Little Liberia.

LCAC delegation: Joseph Morris Kalapele, Charles Mcgill, Masnoh Wilson, James Hooks, James Galakpain, Arthur Gbeazon, Rufus Walters, Henry Wilson, Samuel Wilson Jr., Emmet Dennis, Mr. & Mrs. Nah.

The Community will continue to work with ABCD and other agencies through this process and we will play a major role that will secure the best interest on our people and community.

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