Liberian Community Association in Connecticut
Our hope is to create a neutral ground where everyone will feel welcome and free to express new ideas that will promote the Liberian Community in Connecticut.                        with important news from your area and suggestions that will help to improve the site. Tell us everything that you're planning for the week-end, in your back yard, church activities, meetings and parties that you would like every Liberian to be a part of.
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Middle Town, Delaware, USA
September 13, 2008
Rev. Ishmael D. Walters, Chaplin of the Liberian Community Association in
Parents retreat in smaller groups to find real solutionYouth await anxiously for answerRev. Blamo asks God for miracle amidst choas and confusionMembers on the resolution panel express shock over reaction from both parties.After the miracle, youth and parents rejoice, holding hands in friendship to receive the Bishop's final blessings. Joy filled the home of LCAC president after the conflict was resolved

Mary Land County Dinner Ball

The Connecticut Chapter of the Maryland County of Liberia hosted a fundraiser Dinner and Ball in West Haven on August 30, 2008. The event was well attended by Liberians from across Connecticut. Liberian Community Association President Hon. Charles Mcgill and Executive officials attended the event to support the initiative of Ms. Edith Anderson Dennis, President of the Chapter. The former President of the chapter Hon. Isaac Kyne and his wife  also attended the event and praised strong lady Edith for the hard work. Hon. Alex Quermollue spoke to fellow Liberians and stressed the need for unity and progress.
Dance floorDance floorDance floorDance floorDance floorDance floorDance floor Dman Kannah and familyLCAC 1st lady Magaretta & friendsMary Land County Connecticut chapter president and former President -Edith & IsaacMr. & Mrs. Spencer on the dance floor
Mr. & Mrs. Danso awaits the ceremonyMr. & Mrs. DansoMrs. Bowier worked on the cake to make the event successful as usualThe Women of the Christian Fellowship Ministry celebrate with the Danso Mr. Danso watched his wife cut the cakeMr. Danso assists madam with cutting the cakeMr. & Mrs. Danso
President Obama's Inaugural speech
Dr. Sirleaf, son of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia addressed fellow Liberians at a grand Ball marking the celebration of Liberia's 162nd Independence Anniversary.

In his usual casual mood and professional attire, Dr. sirleaf beat the Liberian time arriving first among Liberian guests and waited patiently for another hour before stepping to the podium.
Dr. Sirleaf encouraged Liberians to be hopeful and patient as we recover from the deplorable conditions caused by the war.
He used his professional experience as Medical Doctor to explained statistical data released by WHO and other reputable international organization about HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other communicable diseases that threaten the lives of ordinary Liberians.

As a proud son of Liberia, Dr. Sirleaf raised his hands to respond to a call for Nimbaians in the house, and inspired young Liberians when he whispered clearly in his speech saying, " I was who I am before she became President."

The event was attended by several hundred Liberians from across Connecticut and other parts of the United States. Other African nationals and Americans attended as well.  They joined Liberians to screamed out loud as the Hartford Dance Crew headed by Savior Harmon displayed an outstanding cultural performance.

Hon. Rufus Walters, LCAC Board Chairman urged Liberians to attend community meetings and to foster true spirit of nationalism with fellow Liberians. He also called for strong collaboration between the board and the administration.

The Ball was preceded by a soccer tournament that was won by Ghanaian Black Stars of East Hartford, followed by the Zambians national side from Bridgeport, Lone Star of Hartford and CAF from central Connecticut.

LCAC Vice President, Hon. Joseph Morris acknowledged the absence of the president Hon. Alex Quermollue who was recovering from a brief illness. He closed with special thanks to the chief organizer, Hon. Charles Mcgill and his team for doing a great work.
August 1st, 2009 Hartford, CT, USA
LCAC Chaplin Rev. Jay Mcgill, Dr. Sirleaf, Hon. Wonldy Paye & Hon. Charles Mcgill-standing
ULAA Embraces Connecticut with open arms- Fr. ULAA President Emmanuel Wettee(lft) and National President Anthony Kesselly(rt.) with LCAC VP Joseph Morris(mid)



The Vice president Hon. Blamo will keep regular contact with each committe chair to ensure that work is being done.


1. Social Committee: The Social Committee shall be responsible for the hosting and conducting of entertainment of members at general meetings, social events, fundraising, charitable activities or programs in keeping with the goals and objectives of the association. The social committee shall also plan and execute annual beauty contest to determine LCAC Queen or "Miss Liberia of Connecticut".

Beatrice Myers -  Chair
Patricia Spenster -1st Co-Chair
Traphena Scott         - 2nd Co-Chair
Jennebah Swaray               Member
Beatrice Brooks.                Member
Irene Roesler                     Member
Rachel Chesson                Member
Amarine Swinton               Member
Julian Kollie                      Member
Famatta Green            Member
Hawa Morris                Member
Mrs. Miama Quermollue  Advisor
Mrs. Magretta Mcgill      Advisor 
Flomo Freeman -                 Advisor


This committee will be involved in the strategic planning, policy and program
direction in accordance with the purpose and mission of the organization This Committee shall prepare a budget; study and provide means for financing undertakings and projects for the organization. The Committee cannot levy or execute money transactions, but can make recommendations to the Executive Committee or general membership in terms of investments and other financial and budgetary matters.This committee shall examine and ensure that committee members are in good standing with due payments.

Mr. Weah Won    - Chairman 
Eden Bass             - 1st Co-Chair
Marie Seton          - 2nd Co-Chair   -    646-423-8099
Abraham Monger  -Member                  -  860-514-3141
Shad Roesler         Member      -  401-499-4429
Morris Walters       Member 
Hawa Bennett       Member
Bishop Hudson       Member
Henri Wilson            Member
James Hooke           Member         -    860-610-9822
Mary Francis             Advisor
Raheem Barnes         Advisor

3. Public Relations & Membership Committee: This committee shall be responsible to promote the association and its activities, recruit and receive and announce new members into the organization. Upon approval of the Executive Committee it shall develop press releases, arrange press conferences, establish and maintain relationship with the news media, formulate, design and distribute publications and /or promotional materials for the association.

Arthur Gbeazon       CHAIR
Nokie Wright         1ST CO-CHAIR
Dimentry Kannah     2ND CO-CHAIR
Oretha Saygbor    Member
Zealey Kannah      Member
Rev. Phillip Blamo  - Advisor



This committee shall be responsible to conduct all elections, whether General or Special that may be required from time to time. The committee shall set the rules and regulations for elections in accordance with the By-Laws and Constitution
Jimmy Lorde - Chairman
Salome Quermollue co-chair 
Adeline Bass - Secretary


This committee shall be responsible to maintain the headquarters of the association, and other Real estate that the organization may own. The committee shall keep the premises of the association clean and ready for business use at all times.
Aron Toe - Chair
Hawa Kamara


This Committee shall coordinate and recommend appropriate responses on behalf of the organization for any individual, or collective emergencies of affliction. Upon the directive of the Executive Committee, this Committee shall also be responsible for the investigation of any unethical conducts or acts of malfeasance. This committee shall be responsible to receive and examine all individual complaints regarding constitutional violations by Executive members. The committee shall then respond to the individual through thorough consultation with the Constitution committee if necessary.

Caleb Yalartai -              Chairman
Mrs. Asunta Phillips        1st Co-Chair for procedures and Implementation
Mrs. Jane Collins-Bowier  - 2nd Co-Chair
Sampson Glea                   Member
Bill Johnson                       - Secretary
Jacob Okai                           Member
Mrs. Alice Danso                Member
Rev. Tanya Hudson               Member

7. Education Committee – In addition to the established responsibility for LCAC LU scholarship Program, an education program for Liberian High School graduates will be implemented in June of each year. The committee will identify and register all high school students. At an honoring ceremony in June, each student will be awarded to stimulate his or her interest for college. The committee will work with each student to ensure entry to college. Two major fundraiser events to support the LU scholarship Program and 1 award ceremony to motivate high school graduates must be undertaken during the year. 
Dr. Emmett Dennis         Chairman
Masnoh Wilson               Co-Chair Liberian Student Project-CT 
Mrs. Salome Quirmolue Co-Chair LU Scholarship 
Hon. Flomo Freeman        Member
Abhraham Monger            Member 

  Ad-Hoc and Special Committees

In keeping with our vision and promise to the people of connecticut during the campaign, the following committees have been appointed to complete specific tasks to extend the scope of operations of LCAC, and to include other sectors of our community that has been either dormant or forgotten. These committes will be given a definate period of six months to fully establish a feasible working portfolio in line with their mandate. During the six months period, results and portfolios will be submitted to the general assembly to determine if the committe is worth the status of a standing committee. Qualified Committees in this catergory will continue to function as standing committee after an amendment is requested and adoption completed by the general assembly. Committees that remain ad-hoc or special committee may have extension, restructured or be disbanded by the president if necessary.  




1. Sports Committee-This committee will work on developing teams in soccer, kickball and basketball to represent the state in major competition. At least One major out of state encounter and 1 in state encounter is be required during the year. The team will be named the Lone star of Connecticut and will participate in major state competition.  The committee shall establish soccer teams for three (3) age catergories as follows:

I. Age (5-12) Baby Lone Star

II. Age (13 - 17) Junior Lone Star

III. Age (18 and older) Lone Star


The sport committe shall establish schedule and organize soccer, Kickball and Basket ball practices in Hartford and New Haven counties, and establish registry for all participants.   


Sayzojee Allen - Sports Director

Barro Kannah      -  1st Co-Chair

Joseph Togbah   -  2nd Co-Chair

Adona                     Member

Jenebah Swaray    Member

Aaron Nimely          Member

Dennis Claudius       Member

Oretha Saygbor        Member

Clematine Davis        Member

Raheem Barnes     -  Advisor 

2. Youth Committee– The youth committee will ensure the full registration of all Liberian youth in Connecticut with LCAC. They must engage youth in activities that develop the minds of Liberian youth and promote skills and talents in music, Arts, Dance and cultural awareness. At least 2 major youth events must be held during the year. The committee will Collaborate with youth services to conduct meaningful workshops that promote positive youth development.  The committe has a special mandate to reach out to children in the following age groups:   Ages 5 to 12; Ages 13 to 18 with a well organized christmas party on December 25, 2011 for children and complete arrangements for toys drive to give smile to Liberian children across the state.
Dorbor Thompson   - Chairman
Romelus Scott          1st Co-chair
Alexander Bohlen   2nd Co-chair
Anthony Smith        Secretary
Naiporna Nimmo      Member 
Madeyea Danso       Member
Garmai Morris         Member
Aaron Nimely            Member
Flomo Freeman         Advisor
Raheem Barnes         Advisor 


3. Resource Office – Gather information on Jobs, housing, Financial literacy, social services and other relevant resources, and make information available on the website or LCAC newsletter.

Jay Mcgill -      Chairman

Arthur Gbeazon Co-Chair

Samuel Dahn   Member
4. Office of Liaison – Represent LCAC at local, state and federal bureaus to promote the image of LCAC and defend the interest of Liberians in Connecticut. Lobby for favorable action on immigration reform that may affect Liberians in the US. Also encourage top Connecticut businesses to invest in Liberia and contribute to the nation’s recovery process. This office will submit at least 2 RFP to local and state agencies for financial sponsorship to sustain our sports, education and social programs for Liberian youth in Connecticut. This office will also be charged with the responsibility to connect potential Connecticut businesses with projects in Liberia and facilitate the means for participation in major bidding  process. 

Maletha Peters   -   Chairman

Mason Wilson    -     1st Co-Chair

Fredrick Bohlen -      2nd Co-Chair

Bill Johnson        -    Member

Hon. Charles McGill    Advisor



5. Council of Elders – This council will be responsible to complete full registration of Liberian seniors with LCAC, and submit at least one major project to visit a historical site in or out of state. The council will meet at their chosen, elect chairperson and develop rules. They must abide by deadline set for submission of proposals to the planning committee. The council shall contact all senior centers and facilitate the introduction of Liberian seniors to senior centers. The council will also seek advise from state agencies and organize workshops to educate Liberian seniors about retirement, social security and healthy life style.  


Isaac Kyne -         Chairman

Agnes Hudson       1st Co-Chair

Wokie Stewart       2nd Co-Chair

Pa Collins        -        Secretary

Mrs. Stewart              Member

George saydee           Member

Morris Gbayoubode     Member

Ma Betty Kannah       Member

Henry Cooper            Member

LCAC Project execution protocol

Social, Sports, Education, Elderly Council and youth committees submit plans of action for entire year to planning committee for review.  Venue, detail description and rough estimate must accompanied proposal.

Planning Committee discusses each plan and program and develop final program and budget for the year. (Programs promoting the achievement of administration vision will be encouraged) 

Planning committee Submit plan (Calendar of Events) and budget to executive for approval

President submit budget to Board for approval

The Executive ensure the implementation of projects by contacting:
·         Social committee for execution

·         Youth Department for execution

·         Sports committee for execution

·         Education Committee for execution

·         Council of Elders for execution






Greetings from Connecticut, USA