Hartford is home of the United Liberians Association Inc.
Founded in 2005, the organization promotes the welbeing of Liberians in Hartford by organizing sports and social events, and advocating for refugees to receive services from the city, state and federal government.
Hartford Lone Star receive medals for 2nd place during the July 26 independence celebretion soccer match in Ansonia.
High School Graduates, Hartford 2008
Liberian elder celebrates World Refugee Day, Hartford June 2008
Hartford U14 soccer team prepares for a friendly match with Bosnian U14
Hartford Lone Star U14 Vs. Bosnian U14
Hartford Lone Star 2008
Vice President
United Liberian Association
Frederick Bohlen
Honorable recipient of the 2008 United Way Courage Award
Hartford, December 27, 2008
2008 Holiday presents
Thirty Liberian families in Hartford received holiday present from the United Liberian Association. The gifts were donated to the association by  Catholic Charities and Mrs. Patricia Spencer and her husband.
About 80 children attending the Holiday present ceremony enjoyed hot pizza provided by the Association.
Connecticut Liberians Soccer MVP
Mr. Spencer and LCAC former President Hon. Mcgill
strong supporters of Hartford Lone Star.
Mext General Meeting:
Saturday January 7, 2011
5:00 PM
2550 Main St. Hartford, CT 06129
Liberian Independence Sisters
Founded on November 22, 2011, these young Liberian girls of Connecticut USA are sensational dancers. They have great dreams and it is our responsibility to support them in every way possible, Miki is their promoter
Varbah Bimba
Born: August 14, 2005
Future: Nurse
AKA: Honey B
Faith Dean
Born: July 3, 2001
Future: Doctor
AKA: Riddle
       Christine Surprise Biao          Born: September 8, 1999
Future: Doctor
AKA: Jammy
Monah Blessen Kannah
Born: January 26, 1998
Future: Librarian
AKA: Moxy
Georgia Neon
Born: June 4, 2000
Future: Nurse
Liberian Independent Sisters perform for Liberians
Ferformance at Year End Party and for Children Christmas Party
Christmas Presents for Liberian children in Hartford
The Liberian Community Association of Connecticut Inc In collaboration with the Catholic Charities Migration and Refugee Services put smiles on the faces on many Liberian children.
The presents were donated by the Migration and Refugee Services wing of Catholic Charities. Special Thanks to Hon. Fredrick Bohlen, LCAC Board member who was very helpful in getting about 100 toys from the resettlement agency.
We are also grateful to the Liberian Independent Sisters for giving the children a wonderful Christmas performance, and salute Aron Nimely for the DJ role.
Everyone who turn out including parents and volunteers, Raheem Barnes and Aron Toe made the historic ceremony a success.
The first time many Liberian children  enter their own Liberian office at 2550 Main  St.
Children who couldn't make it to the christmas party may contact Aron Toe for their present.