Liberian Ambassador to the U.S receives Key to U.S City
Facts about Liberia
Ambassador receives Proclamation from the city major of BridgeportUnited Nations Rep. speaks at ceremonyLCAC Little Liberia chair, Wilson watched along with cheering LiberiansMaisa Tisdale. CEO speaks at ceremonyAmbassador with Rev. Yalartai. Pastor of the Liberian Church in ConnecticutAmbassador with Manston Totimeh of LCACAmbassador with project Friend from Congo Kinshashaambassador with loyal liberian family from Mass.Proclamation from bridgeport city mayor to ambassadorProud Liberians posed with ambassadorAmbassador with one time co-worker Charles McGill, former LCAC PresidentAmbassador with former LCAC first lady Magretta McGillAmbassador embraces former First Couple, the McGillsLCAC president Joemorris braces ambassador and city mayorAmbassador posed with an Ivorian. Loyal friend of Little Liberia.ABCD director Mr. Tisdale at programAmbassador receives key to cityAmbassador with Liberian student of Fairfield UniversityAmbassador gives the powerful speech that will make history and make a nation, and people of color proudAmbassador meets Wilson Sr.CEO Maisa Tisdale describes a historical cultural artifactsKey to the cityAmbassador meets other Liberians at programAttendants eat at occassionAmbassador Sulunteh performs historic groung breaking ceremony of Little LiberiaAmbassador greets hard working mother of LCAC
Ambassador Jeremiah Sulunteh receives Key to the city of Bridgeport from Mayor Finch
October 24, 2012 UNITED NATIONS DAY. Bridgeport, CT, USA
Historic Ground Breaking ceremony of Little Liberia
The Liberian Community Association of Connecticut, in collaboration with the United Nations Association of Fairfield County, the Mary & Eliza Freeman center and the United States historical city of Bridgeport, celebrated the ground breaking ceremony of Little Liberia in Connecticut, USA.

During a formal fundraising dinner, the city mayor of Bridgeport, mayor Bill Finch presented the key of the city to Liberian Ambassador Jeremiah Sulunteh.
In addition, the ambassador also received a proclamation from the city as a symbol of courtesy and appreciation for his visit.

The Liberian ambassador,on behalf of the government and people of Liberia, thanked the organizers and the city of Bridgeport for the undertaking. He engaged the enthusiastic audience in a hisrorical discourse from a well crafted speech that seemed very deserving for the nature of the occasion. He explained details about the under ground rail road and how it connects to Liberia. The ambassador closed with a national proclamation, presenting three of the major stake holders with Honorary Liberian Citizenship. Major Bill Finch, Ms. Maisa Tisdale and Mr. Tisdale of ABCD received Liberian flags and pins as symbols of their new connection to our nation.

The ceremony was taken outdoor where the ambassador performed the formal ground breaking ceremony of the historical Little Liberia Project.

Liberian Ambassador to the United States
Jeremiah C. Sulunteh
performs the final ground breaking ceremony of the
Historical Little Liberia Project in Bridgeport Connecticut