Liberian Community Association of Connecticut (LCAC)
LCAC will not attend ULAA 34th General Assembly

Hartford, October 3, 2008
PRESS RELEASE                                                The Connecticut chapter of the Union of Liberian Associations in the Americas(ULAA) withholds its participation from the ongoing 34th General Assembly of the Union in Pittsburgh. The Liberian Community Association of Connecticut,INC met in a membership teleconference last night when it was concluded that due to break into pieces of ULAA in the Board of Directors and the Administration, the Representatives of the Connecticut chapter strongly advised "our distance from every activity of the 34th General Assembly of ULAA until we see it all repaired".

It can be recalled that Connecticut elected members of delegation to the ULAA Assembly on the 20th of September on what was described as a compromise to "elect, wait and see" as legal and/or reconciliatory talks were going on.  Observers believe that after the election of delegates and a week long of waiting, nothing was seen feasible for the chapter to commit itself into the current crisis of ULAA.  Recently, a warning from the National Board of Directors  of ULAA signed and approved by the Secretary and Chairman   called for all chapters not to attend the General Assembly.  The two Representatives interpreted the warning to be  a direct  'call off' from not only the election but the entire process  of the Assembly. The President of  the chapter, Hon. Charles S. McGill said that the absence of the chapter from the General Assembly is only "a withdrawal of our participation  on the  34th Assembly, not a  suspension from ULAA".  "In fact", Hon. McGill continued,"we are responsible for the payment of our annual due. 

James C. Blyee Jr.
  Former LCAC Executive Secretary (860-597-9753)
Hon. James Galakpain
Co- Chairman,
LCAC Board of Directors
Detroit, Michigan.ULAA Board members sworn into office (3rd & 4th from Rt. Connecticut chapter representatives) Hon. James Galakpain and Hon. Alex Quermollue
SECOM member, Rev. Blamo explained election proceedingsVoters await election resultsSECOM members count ballotsSECOM Chairlady emphasized elections guidelinesLCAC  Chaplin Rev. Walters awaits elections resultHon. Walters awaits election resultsLCAC president Hon. Charles Mcgill thanked SECOM and congratulates elected officresLCAC Board member, Hon. Paye awaits resultsOne time LCAC proud Teasurer, Mrs. Lorde awaits patiently for resultsLCAC president Hon Charles McgillMrs. Lorde, Dedicated and honorable member of LCACSunkali, Hartford Lone Star CaptainLCAC new 1st couple LCAC Executive Secretary, James C. Blyee Jr.SECOM chair, Salome Quirmolue congratulates elected officersElected officersPresident electVP electTreasurer ElectFinancial Secretary ElectChaplin electFinal Blessings
Election Photos
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Bro. Aron Toe of Hartford lost his father on 8/22/08 in Liberia.
Sis. Jennebah of Hartford lost her sister on 8/20/08 in Liberia.
Famatta Kollie Shaughnessy of Norwich lost her son Jamie on August 8, 2008 in Connecticut, USA.
Hon. Alex Quermollue, President of the Liberian Community Association in Connecticut lost his dear mother in Monrovia in December 2008.
Joseph Morris Kalapele

Inaugural Photos
December 26, 2009 - Ansonia, Connecticut, USA
Conctitution State Endorses Kesselly, ULAA National President
Hon. Wilmot Kunney- 1st VP ULAA Board, Hon. Quermollue, Hon. Kesselly, Eastern region VP, Joseph Morris-LCAC VP
Sunday June 13, 2010, West Haven, CT
Hon. Jessey Philips Reconciled with fellow Liberians

LCAC president, Hon Alex Quermollue led a delegation of community leaders to sympathize with Hon Jessey Philips who had just returned from completing funeral arrangements in Monrovia.
Mrs. Asunta Philips, courteous as usual, stood firmed behind her husband providing the comfort that seemed almost impossible as the strong man found it difficult to let go the pains for the loss of his dear mother.
She managed on many occasions to distract him, while entertaining visitors from a bowl of soup and rice, with some fine wine to control the atmosphere, but it just didn't work.
Finally, the time for the main event came and everyone was sure about the uncertainty, not knowing what to expect or what to say. The room was filled with community leaders who for the most part have  expressed disagreement with Hon. Philips over local and national political matters. The air became tense when the circle was complete with each one facing the fine statesman who once worked tirelessly for his community but was driven into retirement while some of his closest allies looked on.

"We are here to expressed our condolences on behalf of the entire Liberian community in Connecticut" president Alex began,

Suddenly, Hon. Rufus Walters broke the ice when his man ego and pride gave way to stream of tears flowing down his cheeks. " I too lost my mother and didn't attend her burial" he commented. Then, interrupted by Hon. Charles Mcgill who had also lost his mother but couldn't travel at the time to bury her. These words including similar testimonies from James Blyee and Alex Quermollue revealed that these brilliant political figures had something in common, the motherless club, and it set the stage for former LCAC president, Jessey Philips to respond.

Emotions had filled every corner of the room and napkins became inadequate to hold the tears as the brethren tap Philips repeatedly on the back to stop crying.

"I promised my mother", Hon.  Philips began, overwhelmed in tears and pausing regularly to control his trembling voice from intense grief he continued to endured. "I promised her that I will forgive everyone who ever wrong me and seek forgiveness from those I offended". He gave each man a genuine gentleman hug, in tears, asking for forgiveness and receiving same in return. Hon. Philips extended similar plea to all Liberians absent at the ceremony whom he had ever offended for forgiveness. 

Mr. & Mrs. Philips thanked the delegation and the Liberian community for the support during their loss.
Former LCAC president Charles Mcgill closed the ceremony with a powerful prayer before a toast in the name of peace .... LCAC president, Alex Quermollue called on all Liberians across the state to embrace Hon. Philips and encourage him to remain within the ranks of LCAC leadership and membership.

The rest of the evening was driven into celebration welcoming another new club member except for one delegate, LCAC vice president Joseph Morris who reflected constantly over the club membership fee after being told by his big brothers to appreciate his mom everyday, every time and every minute.

What a lesson to be learned.                            By joeMorris
Hon. Won-dyl Paye
LCAC Board of Directors
Connecticut Superior Court JudgeRobert Dolo and delegates Entertainment Entertainment for guestsGreat Liberian food for guestsLCAC Vice president with CT superior court judgeLiberians attending the programBeatrice Myers LCAC social committee chairladyPresident Kalapele present award to Robert Dolo

Hon. John Blawie, judge of Connecticut superior court also thanked the Liberian community for such a beautiful program and urge everyone to work together for the betterment of their country.

Hon. Charles S. McGill closed by thinking Mr. Dolo for the great work he has done and continue to do for our people in Liberia. He thanked the rotary club for their support and extended similar appreciation to Liberians who came to make our own countryman proud.

The ceremony was closed with a wonder Liberian dish for supper, followed by an excellent performance from the Liberian Independent sisters of Connecticut.

For more on the New Eye Sight Center in Liberia click here
Hon. John Blawie
Connecticut Superior Court Judge
Hon. Charles S. McGill
Fomer LCAC President and Organizing Chairman
Hartford Connecticut, USA April 25, 2012, LCAC office 2550 Main ST.
Liberian Community Association of Connecticut honors young Liberian eye surgeon.

Robert Dolo of the New Sight Eye Center in Monrovia was honored for the great services he is providing to hundreds of Liberians who are suffering from sight problems. Mr. Dolo is the founder and director of the center and also Coordinator for the National Eye Health Program, Ministry of Health & Social Welfare. Mr. Dolo is an eye surgeon specialized in cataract surgery which affects most Liberians across the country.
Mr. Dolo was in the United States to attend and do a presentation at a Global Health Conference when the Community association learned of the good work, sacrifices and dedication made by Mr. Dolo to his fellow countrymen.

Also attending the ceremony, was Karen King of the Newtown Rotary Club. The rotary club is the principal sponsor the New Sight Eye center in Liberia. The chairman of the Board of Directors of the Liberian Community Associationof Connecticut Won-ldy Paye also presented an appreciation award to the Rotary Club for their support to Robert Dolo and the program in Liberia.

In response, Robert Dolo thanked the Liberian Community Association of Connecticut for the honor and admitted that he was surprised by the level of unity and national spirit existing among Liberians in the United States. He promised to work harder each day and night to fulfill the mission of the New Sight Eye Center in Liberia.

Karen King on behalf of the Newtown Rotary Club expressed thanks to the association and promised to keep in touch. She also pledged the commitment of the rotary club support to the center in Liberia.
LCAC President
Joseph Morris Kalapele present appreciation award to Robert Dolo
LCAC Board chair
Won-ldy Paye
present appreciation award to Rotary Club of Newtown