This web site has been designed to promote cultural awareness among Liberians and to facilitate communication and bring Liberians in Connecticut together in this new millennium.    
Facts about Liberia
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Hartford Jr. Lone Star prepares to play Bosnian U14 Soccer Team2008 July 26 Soccer Event. Hartford Lone Star plays Somali soccer team in a friendly match.Hartford Jr, Lone Star celebrates World Refugee Day, June 20, '07
Hartford Lone Star join fellow liberian soccer stars to celebrate July 26, 2008 in Ansonia
Hon.  Quirmolue calls for audit........
Hon. Walters presents revised constitution..... 
National Anthem
LCAC Former President Hon. Quermollue meets President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf 
Masnoh Wilson
Liberian Female writer
Rev. Philip S. Blamo
Vice President
2011 to 2014
Liberian Community Association of Connecticut, USA
Hon. Flomo Freeman Sr.
Executive Secretary
2011 to 2014
Liberian Community Association of Connecticut, USA
LCAC in collaboration with Catholic Charities give presents to Liberian children on Christmas day. 
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2550 Main St. Hartford, CT 06120 - 860-726-3889
April 25, 2012, Liberian Community Association of Connecticut presented appreciation awards to Robert Dolo of the the New Sight Eye Center in Liberia and to the Newtown Rotary Club of Connecticut. Read more...
Connecticut USA, June 6, 2012 President Sirleaf Congratulates LCAC Read full story

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and 
LCAC President Joseph Morris Kalapele  Read full story
Liberian Community Association of Connecticut raised $8000 to bury Esther Dennis. Read story
Gertrude Wilson
2013 to 2014
Caleb Yalartai
2011 to 2014
Manston Totimeh
Financial Secretary
2013 to 2014
Celebration of Liberia's 166th Independence Anniversary in Connecticut. The young and Inspiring Liberian entrepreneur served as guest speaker.
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Project to Host Sarah Joe and daughter from Monrovia during surgery to restore her eye sight..Read more
What we've done in the past for the late Esther as a community will live forever.  Be a part of History   Click to see the record
COME LET'S CELEBRATE OUR PRESIDENT ACHIEVEMENT: Saturday August 30, 2014.         Read more.......
Due to Some changes from the family, the President's celebration has been moved to Saturday August 30, 2014.
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Liberian Community Association of Connecticut, USA